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Emergency aids
Color – Trauma bag
Necessary first aid items packed in Nylon Bag. Made of an extremely resistant material, with great capacity, there are 4 large external pockets and internal compartments ,supply reflective strips. Size 45 x 31 x 31cm.
Hand Suction Pump 1 pc
Resuscitator Bag 1 pc
E-Mask 1 pc
Guedel Airway 2pcs
Clinical Thermometer 1 pc
Mouth Opener 1 pc
Disposable Syringe 2pcs
Tongue Forceps 1 pc
Sterile Scalpel 1 pc
Lancet 2pcd
Wooden Tongue Depressor 5pcs
Surgical Scissors 1 pair
Dressing Tweezers 1 pairs
Safety Pins 10pcs
Sterile Latex Gloves 2pairs
Sphygmomanometer 1 pc
Stethoscope 1 pc
Boston 1 pc
Tourniquets 1 pc
Ice Bag 2 pcs
Alcohol Pre pad 30pcs
Povidone-Iodine Prep Pad 10pcs
Antiseptic towelette 5pcs
Wet tissue (Soap) 5pcs
Hammer 1 pc
Adhesive Tape 3pcs
Sterile Eye Pad 5 pcs
Triangular Bandages TNT 2 pcs
Sterile Gauze Pad 10pcs
Cotton Ball 5 pkts
Adhesive Strip 50 pcs
Cotton Applicator 20 pcs
Elastic Bandage, 6cm 3rolls
Compressive Pad Bandages,medium 2rolls
Compressive Pad Bandages,max 1roll
Elastic Crepe Bandage, 2” 2 rolls
Elastic Crepe Bandage, 4” 2rolls
Emergency Gold Blanket 2pcs
Diagnostic Penlight 1 pc
  Disposable Wastage Bags 3pcs
High quality bag, 1 pc